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I have always considered myself to be eco aware.

In early 2018, whilst showering, I was aghast when I looked around my bathroom and realised that almost every one of my toiletries and cosmetics was in a plastic container or had plastic components.

It was a true epiphany!

I decided, there and then, that somebody needed to do something about it – and that person was going to be me.

Over the next two years I undertook intensive training, gaining diplomas in the cosmetic manufacturing industry.  These would help me to understand how I could do things in a kinder, more gentle, way whilst using potent natural ingredients for beautiful results on both hair and skin.

In the course of my research I ran fact finding workshops with people of all ages and abilities.  What I found was that many people said they “couldn’t use a soap bar” as its “hard to grip a large bar”.

After many trials the decision was made to make all of our bars ergonomic (disc shaped).  These fit comfortably in the palm of your hand making it easier to handle for those who may have some dexterity problems.

This enterprise is my personal contribution to a World that requires a little more respect. 

Sandra Richardson

Founder of Respect Soaps Ltd

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